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Class and Workshop Registration:

Payment for a class/workshop is due in full at the time of registration.

Waitlist:  Waitlists will be maintained, once the class limit is filled. Withdrawals can happen which will open up spaces.

Open Studio: Registration is not eligible for a refund.

Withdrawal Policy

There are times when, after signing up for classes and workshops, students wish to withdraw. Withdrawals are permitted, and refunds are given according to the calendar and the start of the class.


4 weeks before the class/workshop starts              80% refund of the registration fees paid (with a $10

                                                                                minimum to cover processing fees)

1-4 weeks before the class/workshop starts           50% refund of the registration fee (with a $10

                                                                                minimum to cover processing fees). 

7 days before the class/workshop starts                 No refund is available.


If there is a waitlist for the class/workshop and the space can be filled, students are eligible for a refund

minus 10% of the registration fee to cover processing costs.


If A Place to Weave cancels a class/workshop, students will receive a full refund.



A Place to Weave Accepts Cash, Checks and Credit Cards


  1. Certain products are eligible for discount.  The discount percentage varies based on “total purchase amount” and/or affiliation with A Place to Weave or local Weavers Guilds.

  2. Other products are not discountable, but are considered to be part of the “total purchase amount” used to calculate discount percentage. 

  3. Looms and Lessons/Workshops and not discountable and the cost of these items may not be applied to a “total purchase amount” for the purposes of calculating a discount.


 Calculating discount percentage

  1. OPEN STUDIO students and students taking a workshop receive 20% discount on discountable yarns regardless of total and 10% off weaving accessories and looms while they are enrolled.

  2. Students taking a Workshop receive 20% discount on discountable yarns regardless of total and 10% off weaving accessories on the day of the workshop.

  3. Weavers’ Guild of Boston, Nashoba Valley Guild, Cranberry Guild, Rhode Island Guild members receive 10% discount on discountable yarns and weaving accessories regardless of total (if total over $125 or $200 larger discount will apply). Please show membership card.

  4. All others are eligible for discount at the following percentage of “total purchase amount”:

Over $60.00                 10% discount

Over $125.00               15% discount

Over $200.00               20% discount




(not discountable; may not be applied to “

total purchase amount”for the purpose of

calculating discount percentage)


Hourly        (min. 2 hours)        $20.00/hr

Children’s   (min. 2 hours)        $15.00/hr



1 month. . . . . .  $156.00

2 months . . . . . $305.00

3 months . . . . . $440.00

4 months . . . . . $562.00


(not discountable but applies towards "total purchase amount")


A sampling of projects to be offered

Potholders  $7.50 each

Woven magnet/coaster

Needle felting  $40.00/lb



Please note that this is a partial list of what is available




2/20 Maineline                              $72.00/lb.

2/20 Heather                                  $64.00/lb

2/8,3/8 Maineline                           $70.00/lb.

2/8,3/8 Heather                              $56.00/lb.

6/8 Worsted Heather                      $47.00/lb.

Superfine Merino                           $96.00/lb.

Zephyr Wool-Silk  2/18                  $140.00/lb

               4/8 worsted                     $109.00/lb

Superlamb  4/8                              $55.00/lb.

Kokadjo    4/14 Sock/Fingering      $92.00/lb.

Mousam Falls  4/14 Fingering        $50.00/lb.

                        4/6 Worsted            $50.00/lb.

Green Line                                     $70.00/lb.

 Botanical                                       $120.00/lb.

 Gotland Heather                            $64.00/lb

 Sock Yarn                                      $50.00/lb.


Not discountable but applies

towards “total purchase amount”


8/4 Cotton - natural          $6.25 each

                  - colors           $7.50 each

4/4 Cotton - natural          $5.00 each

                  - colors           $6.30 each

MOP COTTON                 $10.00/ lb.


Not discountable but applies

towards “total purchase amount”


3/2, 5/2 Cottons             $30.00/lb.

10/2 Perle cotton            $30.00/lb

Chenille: Tapestry          $50.00/lb.

Chenille                         $30.00/lb.

Cotton Bambu               $40.00/lb

Bambu 7                        $38.00/lb.

Bambu 7 variegated       $45.00/lb.

Bambu 12                      $38.00/lb

Nomad cotton                $44.00/lb.

Fettuccina                      $55.00/lb


Not discountable but applies

towards “total purchase amount”


Cottolin - OBL #2002                          $24.00 each

              - #293  #2000                        $25.00 each                     - # 2001 white, colors            $26.00 each                                                                   ($52.00/lb)     


16/2 Linen  #0000 Unbleached           $30.00 each

                   #0002 ½ Bleached           $31.00 each

                   #0004 Bleached               $19.00 each

Strangyarn                                          $28.00/lb.

                   Colors                               $36.00/lb


8/2 Cotton –  colors                    $23.00 each  

                     Unbleached           $21.00 each

                     Bleached (0003)    $19.00 each   


Partial cones                              $46.00/lb


16/2 cotton    Unbleached          $20.00 each

                      Bleached              $21.00 each

                      Colors                  $23.00 each

Partial cones                              $46.00/lb


12/6 Mattvarp - colors               $39.00/lb

  •                 - Natural              $28.00/lb.

Tuna                                          $15.50 /skein


12/9, 12/12, 12/15 Mattvarp      $28.00 each

8/5 Linen Rug Warp                  $48.00 each

20/1 Linen    ½ bleached           $32.00 each

                     Unbleached          $29.00 each

28/1 Linen    unbleached           $32.00 each

                     ½ bleached           $35.00 each

Mattlin                                        $52.00/tube (17.5 oz)


3/2, 5/2 and 10/2 mercerized cottons  

                     natural                  $30.00/lb.


8/2 Egyptian cotton natural       $22.50/lb

   8/2 Baby Soft cotton natural $27.60/lb

 16/4 Supima cotton                 $33.60/lb

Harrisville Designs


Shetland                     $26.50/cone or $53.00/lb.

Highland                     $25.50/cone or  $51.00/lb.

Silk & Wool blend       $12.00/skein

Watershed                  $11.00/skein

Flywheel                     $13.00/skein

Turbine                       $15.00/skein    

Warping Cotton          $34.00/lb.

Designer                     $25.50/lb.

Fleece                        $40.00/lb.

Friendly Loom Products

(Maximum discount 10%)

Potholder PRO Kit                                         $32.95

PRO Mini Loop Pack (Individual colors)        $16.95

LOTTA PRO Loops (6 potholders)                $39.95

Party Pack PRO (18 potholders)                   $89.95

Loop Colorwheel    (cost – NO discount)      $10.00

Weaving Needles 6”                                      $1.00

8” Stick Shuttle                                              $5.95                

Peg Loom Kit                                                 $28.95

Lap Loom Kit A                                              $51.95

Lap Loom Kit B                                              $62.95

Tapestry Loom Stand                                    $39.95

Wonderwand                                                 $15.95

Yarn Packs for Peg & Lap Looms                  $19.95

Geometric Design for Peg/Lap                      $21.95

Felted Soap                                                   $11.95

Felted Balls                                                   $23.95

Felted Farm Animals                                     $17.95

Felted Solar System                                      $17.95

Latch Hooking Kit 

– Fox, Unicorn, Butterfly                               $29.95


Rug Hooking Kit                                            $31.95



    Red = discontinued

    Adorable alpaca/silk                  $94.00/lb

    Alpine cotton                             $38.20/ lb

    Alpine Petite III                          $39.40/lb.

    Bamboo Cotton Fingering         $53.00/lb.

    Bamboo Cotton 990                  $53.00/lb.

    Bamboo Silk 990                       $116.00/lb

    Bamboo Silk Sport                    $117.00/lb

    Bamboo Silk Lace                     $118.00/lb.

    Carerra  aka Silk & Ivory           $104.00/lb

    Cascade 8/2 silk - natural         $130.00/lb

                           Black                  $168.00/lb

    Cascade Petite 12/2 silk -  natural        $134.00/lb

                                            - black            $168.00/lb

    Casino                             $59.90/lb.

    Curly Q                            $54.50/lb

    Inca Cotton                      $48.00/lb.

    Irish Lace                         $59.90/lb.

    Lin ‘N Cot 1400                $72.00/lb.

    Marine Silk Fingering       $125.00/lb

    Marine Silk Lace              $124.00/lb.

    Marine Silk Sport             $122.00/lb.

    Monte Cristo V                 $54.80/lb.

Nassau Original                   $123.00/lb

              Fingering                $126.00/lb

              Lace                       $130.00/lb

Noko Bonjour                       $40.00/lb.

Organic Cotton 3/2               $25.00/lb.

                Great Big Softie    $25.00/lb

                5/2                        $25.20/lb

                 8/2                       $25.40/lb.


Peruvian Tweed Alpaca        $71.00/lb


Prime Alpaca  (sett: 12 epi) natural colors $70.00/lb              

        White                                                 $78.00/lb.  

        Dyed (Heather Prime Galler)             $45.50/skein; 91.00/lb      

Queen Anne’s Lace             $59.90/lb.

Rio                                       $37.00/lb.

Riviera II                              $57.00/lb

Safari 1235                          $64.00/lb.

Sahara                                 $37.50/lb

Shahrazade                         $58.00/lb.

Sierra II                                $58.00/lb

Soie Naturelle – 3 ply, 4 ply, 2 ply        $72.00/lb


Spun Silk NM 4/2               $127.00/lb

Spun Silk NM 5/2               $134.00/lb  

Spun Silk NM 20/2              $148.00/lb

Spun Silk NM 30/2              $153.50/lb


Tabitha                            $58.00/lb


Warp Twist Cotton 5/2     $24.20/lb

                              8/2     $24.40/lb.

                            10/2     $24.60/lb

Weaving Accessories

(Maximum discount 10%)
There are many more weaving accessories in stock and other weaving accessories can be special ordered, discount applies.


Glimakra Bobbin winder            $170.00

Boat Shuttle  11”                       $48.00

                      13”                       $57.00

                      15”                       $59.00

                        9”                       $47.00


Bobbins – bags of 10    

                          4”                    $18.00

                          5”                    $28.00

                          6”                    $29.00


Brass Sley hook                       $13.00

2-spool cone holder                 $35.00

Fringe twister                           $43.00

Zoom loom                              $45.00

Tapestry Beater    single/double    $36.00

                             Weighted          $64.00


Arras Tapestry loom                $454.00

Arras Extra Warp beam           $175.00

Inkle Loom  w/belt shuttle        $119.00

Cricket Loom (15”)                   $240.00

Cricket Loom Stand                 $163.00

Quartet                                    $450.00

CLEARANCE - Discountable

Discontinued Products and products no longer carrying

Lap Loom Wildflower design             $21.95

Needlepoint Coaster Kit                    $12.95 (old price)

Needlepoint Kit                                  $16.95 

Discover Crochet                               $19.95

Cross Stitch Sampler                        $24.95

Quick to Knit Scarves                        $13.95

Crochet Cuties Fashion Show           $12.95

Magic Yarn Twister Drop Spindle       $24.95

Easy Weaver Rainbow Design          $19.95

Felted Flower – Iris                            $12.95

UKI 8/2 unmercerized cotton  .          $12.00/lb.

Silk City Fibers Yarns:

Lurex                                                  $34.00/lb.

Aster                                                   $36.00/lb

Bambu 12 variegated                         $38.00/lb.

Slinky                                                 $21.00/lb.

Slinky Variegated.                              $26.00/lb

Skinny Majesty (boucle)          $40.00/lb

Skinny Majesty Variegated      $40.00/lb.    

Debutante                                $30.00/lb.    

Matte Print                               $30.0/lb.

Linen                                        $36.00/lb.

Crackle                                    $12.00/lb

Calais                                      $24.00/lb

Soleil                                       $34.00/lb

Butterfly                                   $15.00/lb

Mattique Stretch                      $29.00/lb

Cotton Gauze                          $25.00/lb

Sting                                        $60.00/lb

Balada Stretch                         $13.00/lb

Renaissance                            $22.00/lb

Updated: 3 September 2023

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