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If a Beginning Weaving class is not currently scheduled, or if taking a week day class does not fit your schedule, you may sign up for OPEN STUDIO and learn on your own schedule and at your own pace, either during the week or on the weekend.  Lectures will be an additional charge.


Beginning Weaving provides a good foundation for the beginning student to learn how to warp the loom, understand basic weaving theory and techniques learn to read a pattern and beginning pattern drafting.   Knowledge from learning with Beth during Open Studio and attending lectures will enable students to continue their study of weaving.


Students should bring a 3-ring 2-inch binder for the 170+ page learning packet. 



Open Studio: $160.00 per month

Lectures: $10.00 per lecture while signed for Open Studio

Yarn cost for projects is additional




  1. Parts of the loom and terms
  2. Planning and designing a project.  Warp calculations and weft calculations
  3. Pattern Drafting and Drawdowns - Discuss computer programs, parts of the draft, three types of looms  - why it is important.
  4. Fringes and Fulling Cotton - Overhand knots, twisted fringe, knot series
  5. Wind A Warp
  6. Thread a loom


NOTE: the Studio has a no shoe and no bare feet policy – please bring slippers or socks to wear in the studio.

Beginning Weaving - Individual Schedule

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