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A Gallery of Students' Projects

Mia's Masterpiece

Mia's rep weaving wall hanging

Needle Felted Sheep

Needle felted sheep created in the workshop.

Dragon Handwoven Fabric

Dragon made from handwoven fabric

Meg's Pillows

Beautiful pillows woven by Meg


DIY Espadrille Workshop

Needle Felted Gnomes

A collection of gnomes made in the needle felted gnome workshop

Handwoven Rug
Handwoven Rug
Handwoven Pillow
Wool Rug Runner
Wool Rug Runner

Diane's rug woven with shaft shifting at A Place to Weave

Handwoven wine bags
Handwoven Runner
Wet Felted Flowers

Wet felted flowers made at the workshop.

Handwoven Rug
Beautiful throw
Rep Weave Placemats

A set of rep weave placemats

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