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Students  will have the opportunity to use the studio

for as many hours as desired during open studio hours. 

I will provide assistance as I am available. You can

use the library, the computer to design your next

project, pick my brain, weave, or just visit with your weaving buddies - as you desire. Individualized

instruction geared to your interests and level (beginner through intermediate) on

any of the looms will be available. There will be no

need to sign up for any particular time - just show up when it is convenient for you. You will pay for up to

four (4) months in advance. At the end of the month(s),

if the project is not completed, then you will have the option of purchasing additional lesson time by the month(s) at the number of month(s) fee; or removing

the unfinished project from the loom and purchasing

the materials. Theory/lectures are at an additional cost.  


4 Consecutive Months  September - December    $540.00 plus materials


3 Consecutive Months  September – November    $420.00 plus materials 

                                      October – December        $420.00 plus materials


2 Consecutive Months  September - October        $290.00 plus materials 

                                      October – November        $290.00 plus materials

                                      November – December    $290.00 plus materials


1 Month                         $150.00 plus materials 


Months run from the 1st to the 30th/31st (not by the week).

Beginning 4-Harness Weaving

This is a good foundation course for the beginning student to learn how to warp the loom, understand basic weaving theory and techniques learn to read a pattern and beginning pattern drafting. During the course the students will weave a twill sampler and either a scarf or set of four placemats. Knowledge from this course will enable students to continue their study of weaving. Students should bring a 3-ring 2-inch binder for the 170+ page learning packet. 

Schedule: Once a week for 8 sessions:

Thursday evening    6:00 pm – 9:00 pm   September 22– November 17

NO CLASS November 3

OR Friday morning   10:00 am – 1:00 pm  September 23 – December 2

NO CLASSES October 21, November 4, and November 25

Tuition: $ 420.00 includes 24-hours of instruction, use of the studio to work on weaving between classes (there is a requirement that students spend  time in the studio between classes doing homework or learn on a table loom which will be taken home between classes to complete homework), learning packet, yarns for Twill sampler. Second project yarns are additional.

No refund for missed classes.  Limited to 4 students per session.


If your schedule and the weaving studio's are not compatible The Weavers' Guild of Boston has a list of weaving teachers in the area.
Go to:

Webpage updated: 30 September 2022

Weave a Scarf
on a Cricket
Rigid Heddle Loom


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Screen Shot 2022-09-05 at 8.16.40 PM.png

Rigid heddle looms produce plain weave cloth on a fun and portable loom.  Students will weave a cotton or bamboo scarf in either three 3-hour lessons or a weaving weekend (Saturday and Sunday). Students will learn to warp the loom using the direct warping method.  The students will take the loom home to weave the scarf. Students will take the scarf off the loom, sewing or twisting fringe and learning how to wash the scarf. Schacht Cricket Looms will be provided for students use. These looms are small and light weight enough to be carried in a canvas tote bag. 

 Students have three choices to learn:

  1. Students can choose which day and hours when the studio is open to come for their lessons. All 9 hours of instruction (3 3-hour lessons) must be paid for in advance and used within 5 consecutive weeks or forfeited.

      Cost: $ 135.00 plus materials


  2.  Weekday/evening workshop; 3 - 3 hours classes Tuesday evening 6 – 9 -pm;        October 11, 18, 25 Minimum 2 students; maximum 6 students.

       Cost: $110.00 plus materials


  3.  Weaving weekend

       Saturday and Sunday, October 8 and 9, 10 am – 4 pm; minimum 2 students,       maximum 6 students.

      Cost:$120.00 plus materials.