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What students have to say about A Place to Weave

To teach weaving, you need to know the person you are working with. Each student comes with strengths, weaknesses, hopes, and fears. Beth Guertin is an expert weaver and teacher. She knows each of her students and what their goals are for weaving. When I came back to weaving after two knee replacements, Beth quickly figured out what I could do and what I needed help with. She knew when I was determined to get under the loom to tie-up and when I needed help. When I was working on a scarf with more than five harnesses to lift, she quickly helped me to rework the draft so that I had enough leg strength to weave. What could have been a disaster, was a success with her guidance. Beth’s classes are terrific, from beginning weaving to advanced weaves. She uses multiple strategies to make learning happen. She makes it fun and loves having questions and conversations about her topic. Her library is outstanding and always open for students to learn. What I love the most about Beth is her high energy and sense of humor. She makes everything interesting and fun. She helps us to learn from our challenges and to move on to make good cloth.

Mary B.

A Place to Weave is a wonderful community and Beth is an amazing teacher and mentor. I am not someone who is particularly creative, but I have been able to create interesting and attractive woven items at Beth's studio. As a community, Beth encourages each of her students and we learn from and support each other. Beth as well as the guest teachers she invites inspire us to try new things. A Place to Weave is a fun learning community.


A Place to Weave, run by Beth Guertin, gets 5 stars! In 2015, when I decided that I wanted to learn how to weave, Beth's studio (then located in Waltham, MA) came highly recommended...and I've been weaving there ever since. Beth offers practical, learn-by-doing instruction for beginners, intermediate and advanced weavers. She has every type of loom you could imagine, shelves of yarn to choose from, and a library of books and magazines for inspiration. Beth is a terrific teacher and is always on hand for guidance, problem solving, and help with the inevitable knots and threading errors. This is a welcoming place for a community of weavers who love to share ideas and learn from each other. A photo of me and the rug I wove is on the GALLERY Page.

Diane S.

I have been going to APW for years, because there I find all the looms, equipment and materials for learning all the different ways to weave with expert one-on-one instruction. Beth has helped me to become a very versatile weaver, and a self starter. But wherever you are in your learning curve, she is there for you to take the next step beyond your comfort level. Her library is unsurpassed for research, and her yarn store is vast and top quality. I also love the camaraderie with all the other weavers, and seeing all the different projects people are weaving.


I’ve been studying weaving for four years with Beth Guertin at A Place to Weave. Beth is a very capable, knowledgeable, and patient teacher. The atmosphere in the studio is very conducive to learning and experimentation. I would recommend Beth’s studio to anyone wanting to know how to weave and also to those weavers wanting to further their art.

Diane J.

I have been weaving with Beth since 2014. I started at A Place to Weave because I wanted to take weaving lessons with two friends and Beth’s studio was the only place that could accommodate a group. I have never regretted that decision! Learning to weave with Beth is like taking a college course in weaving. You learn the right way to plan, set-up, weave, and finish your project. Even when you have learned how to weave, Beth is always there as a patient resource when you run into a question or problem or just want input. The lessons and workshops Beth offers are fantastic; Beth is a wonderful teacher. In addition to the learning experience, you are with a wonderful group of people. We inspire each other, give input, have lunch together, and enjoy the friendships that develop. Whether you are a new weaver or experienced weaver, I highly recommend A Place to Weave.

Lynne M.

I'm so happy I began my journey into weaving at A Place to Weave. Beth is an amazing teacher and has a wealth of knowledge. The studio offers classes, has a fantastic library, a huge variety of yarn and every tool you might ever need. When weaving, especially as a beginner you will encounter problems. I have been saved so much frustration because Beth is there to help identify and solve the problem. Beth wants you to be successful.

Megan R.

I met Beth as an eager but clueless weaving novice in the winter of 2017. She is a devoted teacher and has a deep wealth of experience she shares with her students. I learned weaving from the ground up from Beth and remain just as fascinated by this ancient craft as when I walked into her first class in Beginning Four-Harness Weaving. Beth's studio is also a community of lovely people - it's a wonderful place to meet new friends and create something beautiful from yarns of all colors, textures and fibers.


I've been going to A Place to Weave for several years. The best part for me is being part of a supportive weaving community. When I arrive, I love to greet other weavers and see their progress before getting to work on my own project. Beth has created a studio that is well equipped with all the resources we need to design and execute any project. She is always available to answer questions and offer assistance. I've learned so much from her classes and on-the-spot advice from her and other weavers. It's more than just a place to weave. Really, I wouldn't want to spend my time at a loom any other way!

Nancy B.

A Place to Weave is a special place – warm and welcoming. When I first entered the studio, I knew nothing about weaving or the many varieties of yarn, but Beth was patient, nurturing, and approachable, teaching with both passion and expertise. She helped me plan projects, taught me techniques, and encouraged me to express myself and be a creative thinker with my weaving. The personalized and individualized instruction in a relaxed environment caters to each student’s level and artistic style. I signed up for one eight-week class about ten years ago and never left!


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