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Take a day and join us in an exploration of color and technique for warp and skein painting and dying with MX dyes. 


When: Saturday, September 7, 2024, 10 AM – 3 PM


Cost: $65.00 (credit card) / $60.00 (check/cash)

Includes dyes (does not include yarns/fabrics)

To register to pay by check/cash, email Beth.


Minimum 5 students; maximum 8 students


Show up with your white and neutral colored warps, wefts, and skeins. We will lead you through the magical dyeing/painting process. We will provide all the instructions, dye materials, brushes, and inspiration.


Take home 3 - 4 warps or 5 - 6 skeins/wefts


Just bring your lunch and your yarns (only cellulous fibers such as cotton, rayon, tencel, or bamboo.)  Further instructions will follow upon registration.


Great for first time dyers or more experienced dyers.

Dye Day Workshop with Mary Mandarino

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