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Mad Weaving with Ribbon and other permutations with Sally Shore


In this two-day workshop, go a little crazy with Mad Weave using a selection of ribbons provided.  By controlling color and value in ribbon placement, you can reveal stacked cubes, stars, or pinwheels hidden in the weave structure.  Materials for samples and projects and written instructions will be provided.  Comparison and critique at conclusion will reveal wide variation in outcomes with similar materials in different hands.


All levels. Note: knowledge of twill weave structure is helpful


Materials supplied by instructor, covered by materials fee of $20:

  • Ribbons
  • Muslin-covered work surface
  • Yarn needles and/or bodkins
  • Fusible interfacing
  • Written finishing instructions and weave structure diagrams


Materials supplied by students:

  • Pins with glass or metal heads
  • Scissors,
  • Your own ribbons (optional)


Thursday, October 10th, and Friday, October 11th

10 AM - 4 PM



$195.00 (credit card) plus $20 materials fee paid to instructor

$175.00 (check) plus $20 materials fee paid to instructor

To register to pay by check, email Beth.


Class size: minimum  5 students; maximum 10 students



Mad Weaving with Ribbon with Sally Shore

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  • Born in Wisconsin and taught to sew and knit as a child, Sally Shore studied fine art at Kent State University in the late 1960s with a concentration in graphic design.  She took a weaving class during her last quarter before graduation.

    She began working with ribbons after receiving a gift – the book Weaving with Ribbon by Valerie Campbell-Harding – in 1991.  Ms. Shore has experimented with color, value, and texture concentrating on tri-axial weave with its inherent optical illusions.  In April 2008 Ms. Shore self-published A Ribbon Weaver’s Handbook.  She continues to teach ribbon weaving, bead weaving and knitting and eco-printing to guilds and individuals.

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