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Freedom of Expression: Painting Warps on Loom

Instructor: Sarah Saulson

In this dyeing and weaving workshop, we will have lots of spontaneous fun painting warps with fiber reactive dyes, after the loom is warped. This wonderful technique allows weavers to work with color and pattern in a loose, free, expressive way, creating large-scale abstract forms. We will paint enough warp to explore the possibilities of the technique, and for l or 2 scarves. Using Fiber Reactive dyes, we will learn how to mix our own colors working from primary hues. The workshop is primarily hands-on, and includes lectures and handouts on dye technique and safety, basic color theory, and special considerations when weaving painted warps. Participants will work on looms dressed prior to the workshop.

Saturday and Sunday, October 21 And 22,  10 am – 5 pm

Tuition: $200.00 

Number of Students: min:  6;    Max. 10

Painting Warps on Loom

  • Sarah Saulson has been weaving since childhood.  She attended Wellesley College and the Syracuse University School of Art.   For many years she had a production weaving business, selling her hand-dyed, handwoven fashion accessories throughout the Northeast.  She has been an active teacher to guilds and conferences for many years, and taught weaving and textiles in the School of Art and Design at Syracuse University.  Now Sarah is happily based in Providence, Rhode Island and maintains a studio at Hope Artiste Village in Pawtucket, where she can often be found working on custom-designed Jewish Prayer Shawls.   Learn more about Sarah at

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