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Want to try your hand at weaving or do you want to weave a dishtowel without warping the loom? Have you wondered what weaving was like?  Come weave a dishtowel.


There are two looms set-up in the studio for individuals to schedule time to weave a dishtowel.  You can schedule to come anytime when the studio is open.   Towels will take approximately 6 – 8 hours to weave. You may weave the dishtowel in a single day or over two weeks.


The warp is neutral, choose your color(s) of the weft. You may weave the towel in just one color or design a striped warp. You will weave 34” to create a towel approximately 16” X 28” hemmed after washing.


The cost is $45.00 per towel, including instruction and yarn.


Email the studio to reserve your spot.

Try Weaving - Weave A Dish Towel

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