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Rigid heddle looms produce plain weave cloth on a fun and portable loom.  Students will weave a project of their choice (maximum 10” wide) during Open Studio time.  Students will learn to warp the loom using the direct warping method.  The students will take the loom home to weave the scarf. Students will take the project off the loom, sewing or twisting fringe and learning how to wash and finish the project. Schacht Cricket Looms will be provided for students use. These looms are small and light weight enough to be carried in a canvas tote bag.


Individual Schedule Cost -  $140.00 plus materials

  • Students can choose which day and hours when the studio is open to come for their lessons. All 9 hours of instruction (3 3-hour lessons) must be paid for in advance and used within 5 consecutive weeks or forfeited.







Weave a Scarf on a Cricket Rigid Heddle Loom

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