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If you would like to learn or refresh your knowledge of the basic weaving theory topics(s) listed below, sign up for the lectures that will fill your need.These are the Beginning Weaving lectures.


Fulling Fibers lectures are suitable for Rigid Heddle weavers as well as multi-shaft weavers.


If you are paying for Open Studio, the lectures are $10.00 each;

if you are not paying for Open Studio the lectures are $25.00 each.


Please email me, to sign up; online sign up is not available.

Steps in Winding a Warp and Warping a Loom from Front to Back demonstration – take notes as I thread the loom

   Saturday, November 18 from 10 am – 3 pm

Discount Policy

If you do not want to sign up online, please email the studio to sign up and receive a discount for cash/check prices on Lessons and some Workshops.

Please read


Students  will have the opportunity to use the studio for as many hours as desired during open studio hours. I will provide assistance as I am available. You can use the library, the computer to design your next project, pick my brain, weave, or visit with your weaving buddies - as you desire. Individualized instruction geared to your interests and level (beginner through intermediate) on any of the looms will be available.  Come during studio hours when it is convenient for you. 


At the end of the month, if the project is not completed, then you will have the option of purchasing additional lesson time by the month; or removing the unfinished project from the loom and purchasing the materials. Theory/lectures are at an additional cost.  

Webpage updated: 11 November 2023

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