A Place to Weave

A studio for weavers dedicated to creating  a community committed to working harmoniously as each expands her/his knowledge of weaving based on personal goals.

    Beth Cederberg Guertin | 49 Pleasant Street | Waltham, MA 02452 | 781-863-1449

    If you are interested in purchasing yarn, a loom and/or equipment, please email/call for an appointment.

    I'm a title.

    Beth is available to help you plan projects.


    Yarn can be purchased by appointment.

    There will be parking lot pick-up

    for your purchase.

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    Weaving Accessories, Small Tapestry Looms, Books,

    Weavers Kits, Potholder Looms and Potholder Loops

    Cash, Check, Credit Card Accepted

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    A Place to Weave will provide:

    1. A community environment small enough to meet the needs of each weaver.

    2. Instruction in theory for weavers who desire further knowledge and a place for practical study.

    3. A place and time for project-oriented students to weave.

    4. Access to patterns, equipment and supplies to meet the needs of project-oriented weavers.

    I have worked to arrange the studio to meet everyone's needs.

    In order to be able to provide students with the best support,

    I am limiting the number of students (and not accepting new students). 

    Webpage updated: 6 July, 2020